Saturday, November 12, 2005

Where does one go from here?

First stop on SJMEAA (Sidharth Jaggi's Most Excellent Amtrak Adventure) - Calipatria State Prison.

Why? Well, on the flight to India a couple months ago I was sitting next to someone who was going to Delhi as a student exchange programme liason. This is something he does in his spare time - for his daytime job he's an assistant warden at aforementioned prison. (Name withheld to protect privacy - even the website lists, of the 1143 people who work there, only the warden's name. Of course, finding a prisoner's name on the website is not a problem). We had a pleasant conversation for much of the 12 hour leg from Frankfurt to Delhi - I gave him a list of touristy things to do in the city of djinns, and he invited me over for a guided tour.

George claims that in the event of a prison riot, if you're taken hostage, it's official US government policy not to exchange you for a prisoner's freedom.

At any rate, it will be informative to see the living conditions for almost 1% of Americans at any given point in time.


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