Thursday, November 17, 2005

Working vacation

Dammit, planning a "fun" time is so much WORK! I've been on the net the last few hours just working out the nitty-gritties of my next week or two. And now to round up a long workday, I have to entertain you with nonsensical rantings. Someone had better be reading this, else I'll hunt you down, every last one.

At any rate, my next week or so is clearly planned - I leave San Diego (my current location, and the first stop of SJMEAA) tomorrow for Calipatria, visit the prison Friday morning and catch a train to Houston in the afternoon. Really looking forward to that part - a nice long 36 hour train ride. I always could sleep for arbitrarily long periods on trains. Something about the rocking motion, I suppose. The only minus is, this being Merkin-land, the vast majority of my co-travellers are going to be retirees - the only people with enough time to travel long distance on trains. Which will probably mean interesting conversations, but little eye-candy (my baser side, for once, insisted on honesty).

Though there's always the unexpected to look forward to. On the train ride over to SD, 10 minutes before disembarking struck up a rather surreal conversation with a gamine young thing. I'd shifted seats to get closer to the door, and was listening to a particularly cute Andrew Bird song on my iPod and so was lost to the world. Suddenly she leaned across and asked me to read what she'd scribbled on a couple of pages. A stream-of-consciousness potpourri which bounced all over the place, with ups and downs and all-the-way rounds. Seems she'd had an extreme day, and wanted to decide whether to live a happy life or a sad one. In the manner in which extreme strangers can sometimes exchange intimate secrets, we did. Before I knew it I was off on the platform holding a sheet of paper with her email address, and wondering whether or not to jump back onto the train and make my own "Before Sunrise".

Took the easy way out, stuck around on the platform and waited for Ravi to pick me up. Which, all things considered, wasn't a bad decision - it was fun meeting the old Braun house gang again; shy Ravi, exuberantly flighty Shachi, and the irrepressible Sony.

Anyway, all good things must segue into hopefully better ones. And so to end this particular ramble, here's the next batch of grainy cell-phone pictures.

Union Station, Los Angeles. Long journeys begin with but a single Mountain Dew.

Vacation Road, Paradise Island, San Diego. That's the life, or at least the name for the life.


Anonymous sooraj said...

First things first, you are listed on my bloglines and hence I am kind of forced to read the ramblings or showing of about the young yet mysterious girl.On a different note Andrew Bird was in St louis last summer. He sounds better live than on the ipod(incase you are wondering/need a streak of jealousy). I am out of time, gotta go educate the young minds.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Vijay D said...

Jaggi man, I hear you! I hear you.
(and I leave comments!)

3:09 PM  

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