Thursday, December 08, 2005

Amtrak confirms it: it's me

Six hours late yet again.

I asked the conductor if this was usual. "Oh no, most of the time we're right on time."

"Really? Each of the five trains I've been on these last three weeks has been at least 4 hous late."

"Yeah, well, the snow kind of slows us down. Jams the signals, have to do it manually. Also makes braking harder, so we can't go fast."

"I see. But, this train was three hours late just starting out. And the trains I took to, and out of, Texas, and the trains before and after me were also late, as the other passengers were telling me, and..."

"Well, sir, I'm sorry, but there's really nothing I can do."

This time round, though, the train was tastefully late. The views I got of western Montana, and would have missed due to darkness if the train had been on time, oooh la la - to die for. Well, not quite, but at least worth a couple hours of tardiness.


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