Saturday, December 03, 2005

Old Friends


This one's for the friends/relatives I've met/wanted to/will meet on this trip. They're a major reason for the trip in the first place.

San Diego, CA - the Braun House gang - Ravi Palanki, Shachi Gosavi and Sony John Akkarakkaran. The first stop was a very pleasant start.

Calipatria, CA - Mark Bourland - one meets the nicest people on planes.

Houston, TX - my uncle (well, uncle's brother) Jawahar Malhotra, and his able-bodied ABCDEF (European French) sons Stefan (Sanjay) and Jeremy (Gyan) Malhotra put up with my foibles and were in general just totally really extra nice. Also, Prashant (Dingaling/Prashtrash) Raghavan at the Baylor College of Medicine, for the squealing-tires drop-off to my trainbus.

College Station, TX - Anxiao (Andrew) Jiang for giving me full run of his pad despite his not being there. Hopefully he'll forgive me for the graffiti party I threw at his place. Alex Sprintson for being a most attentive host during my academic visit.

Austin, TX - Neerav Bipin Mehta for remembering in the nick of time that I was visiting. Anoop Iyer - ex-bike ride buddy - first he puts off the Chicago meetup 'cos of hurricane Katrina. This time round his excuse is a (thankfully minor) car accident. Dammit - the man will do anything to not meet me. Sriram Vishwanath, who'll
hopefully check his mail sooner next time.

Chicago, IL - My cousin Rajiv (Tinkoo) Jaggi and his family Pamela, Tanay and Rohan Jaggi, all of whom now have websites on Puneeta, my cousin and proud mommy, and her family Valentine, Karuna Aunty and Dev Uncle. Shashi aunty as always, the godmother. And my cousin Meena, for secrets shared. Bhashyam
(Baddy/Adi) Aditya, Kellogs inhaabitant who let me be an Adi-vasi. Tina DeBrass nee Masters, old family friend - missed her this time round. Hopefully will catch her on the return trip.

Omaha, NE - Turaga Kalyan (TK) Kiran - mah man is equally comfortable sock-deep in blood saving lives, and showing me Omaha's zoo after 26 hours on call. Old rivals can turn into good friends.

Berkeley, CA - Manjunath Krishnapur - math dicussions about torii, political compasses and doughnuts - hmm - there's a theme here.

San Francisco, CA - Sameer (Sam) Siruguri. What can I say? The dude's SMOKIN'!

Mountain View, CA - Sitaram (Miyer) Iyer sitaramiyerspeaksveryfastandtypeswithhistoes and Mother Hen Anindita (Nin) Dasgupta (soon-to-be Garg)

Seattle, WA - fair-weather (Seattle summer) friends and confidantes Pradeep Shenoy and Perur Venkatesh (Venky) Krishnan Iyer, and especially Samuel Zinner and his partner Walt Mason.

Redmond, WA - past mentors Philip A Chou and Kamal Jain, and ex-officemate Yunnan Wu.

Vancouver, BC - Shahraz Kassam - extraordinarily generous to a total stranger. 'Spitty won't get my visa in time.

Chicago, IL 2nd pass - Arvind Giridhar, Sujay Sanghavi - I've visited their single-Starbucks hamlet often enough; they'd goddamn better show their faces in the big city this time round.

Albany, NY - Weiji (Whee Ky) Ma, the most vivacious Chinese-Dutch theoretical physicist/neuroscientist I know.

Toronto, ON - Kunal Jaggi. Brother-in-exile.

Wappingers Falls, NY - Chu-hsin Liang - for a lovely past and an amicable future.

Long Island, NY - my beshtesht friend George Maltezos and his wife-to-be Suzy Kim Lee.

New York, NY - my cousin Kapil Mathur and his lovely wife Julie Lam, and their son Casey, the cutest Chindian of all.

Boston, MA - Journey's End - Nikhil Mittal/Manisha Jhunjhunwalla, also known as Keepers Of My Boxes. For this and doubtless future kindnesses I owe them much.


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