Thursday, January 19, 2006


... was just another day.

I went for a post-doc council meeting, attended a talk by the guy who helped build the computer that went to the moon on the Apollos, reviewed a paper, a talk on Lithium ion batteries, research jib-jab with office-mate, and then I was going to go for a change-ringing session (the traditional British style of ringing church bells)...


... but I remembered Beauty and the Geek was on, and I promptly returned home to dutifully become a couch-potato for the first reality show I've ever watched.

It features (amongst other people, all insignificant) the studly Tyson Mao.

How do I love Tyson - let me count the ways...

... in a Chinese class we were both taking, the man suddenly got up and announced that he had $200 worth of two-dollar bills, and anyone who wanted to exchange more conventional notes for these was welcome to walk up and do so. All for the good cause of increasing odd (well, in this case even, but you know what I mean) denominations in circulation.

... his skit for that class that we had to shoot with a video-camera involved him running. And running some more, and then some more again. For many minutes.

... in Avery Hovse, at Caltech, where I briefly stayed, he moved in the same time I did. There was some random tiff where some random guy made some random assinine comment, and Tyson decided to take up arms. He emailed everyone saying something along the lines of - I'll announce on national television how petty Avery Hovse is. And then you'll all be sorry. (Btw, I note that on TV he's often wearing his red Fleming Hovse sweatshirt, and on the TV show discussion board, there were people asking where you could get those - to earn the right to wear one you have to burn down your parents' garage building a rocket-ship, sweetheart, just like a Tech frosh did).

... in case you didn't read the caption in that picture, our man holds a world record in speed-solving a Rubik's cube blindfolded (or rather, held the position, but just lost it by a fraction of a second).

As I've said to him... I wanna have his babies. But before that, I'm rooting for him. Join in the prayers - on the WB at 8pm, 7pm central.

If the above wasn't enticement enough, here's another reason to watch the show...

Update: Our man WON the karoake competition on the second episode, wowing the crowds with, yep, you guessed it, his Rubik's cube solving abilities...


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