Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And how was your Valentine's Day?

I went to my first (and I suspect last)
Boston Young Professional Association

Is that guy in the background yawning? I surely was. Too crowded to move, too loud to chat, too cruisy to relax...

... so I guzzled down my complimentary drink and sat in a corner, pondering this theorem I suddenly had a great idea about. When a woman finally turned to me and drunkenly asked me if I was alright, I realized it was time to move on.

Luckily, Good Night and Good Luck, which I've been lusting to see for a while, was playing right around the corner, and I happened to have a free ticket in my pocket (on a previous date at that theatre, some random woman in the audience let her phone ring, and as penance the management gave all the audience members complimentary repeat tickets). Serendipity beckons but once, I figured, and bit.

Well-bit in Haymarket, as it turned out.

David Strathairn out-Ben Kingsley'd Ben Kingsley. More of a documentary than a movie, but with the better elements of both; strong factual basis, complemented with an extremely careful but equally minimalist character portrayal. Not quite the happy Disney ending I expected, though; the focus was on the constant fight between the forces of inertia and change, and inertia was not the loser in this movie.

The long walk back was relaxing, and cleared the last of the wine from my head, while I pondered on this, that and the other. Spoke sonorous sounds to myself, and
psyched myself up for the battle of the rest of my life. A mood I'm often in after a fighting good movie or book or thought :)

But the real story of the evening was my apartment-mate's tale to tell. He got back just a few minutes after me, and seemed in high spirits. He asked about my evening (yes, we're quite a couple of home-birds that way) and I gave the one-sentence version of the above. Reciprocated by asking him about his (mis)adventures and broke out into this most amazing grin...

A word or two about Ian.

Not only does he look like Clark Kent, he usually behaves like him (minus the hidden superpowers). Straight-edge, clean-cut all-American kid, sings in the church choir, likes cooking (vegetarian food, even), and runs three miles a day.

... "I had a most... mischevious day." Another dazzling grin.

"Really, Ian? Mischevious?"

"Well, I spent all evening sending Valentines from a whole set of people to another whole set of people who never sent them."

"Really? To whom?"

"My classmates. I sent one from this extremely apologetic woman to the most sarcastic guy in class. Another from an undergraduate to her female TA. Another..."

"... whoa - really?" (As you can see, I was somewhat at a loss for words). "All by yourself?"

"Well, I had a co-conspirator, but mostly by myself. Everyone was wondering who it was. Nobody suspected me."

"Ian, you sometimes surprise me. Gimme five! Come, sit, tell me all about it."

"No, I have to sleep; early class tomorrow. One must pay a price."

Another dazzling grin, and he was off.

I'm touched. At one level, this reminded me of high school. But at another, it reaffirmed my hope for humanity.

And I ask you again, how was your Valentine's day?


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Proved a lemma. Flirted with the girl working at the coffee shop for no good reason and then came home .

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