Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh frabjous day

I woke up today to an unreasoning joy, and it's taking me up and down and all the way round...
Shaving was a pleasure, and I exploded into a grin looking at myself in the mirror. I thought of the day to come -- playing with the windmill with Ben, thinking up dainty dishes for the dinner I'm cooking for friends tonight, and I hugged myself. I read about photovoltaic cells in the (unasked for and ungiven) sustainable energy book that Ian leaves around (because he knows I'm reading it; part of the pushme-pullyou apartment-mate dance which works beautifully with the right people, or not at all), and looking at the efficiency curves tilting up sunwards made me happy, 'cos of all the smart people doing good work.

Right now, the world can do me no wrong -- I must've slayed the Jabberwock in my dreams.


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