Friday, March 10, 2006

Mazel Tov!


Shalom and Congratulations!

You've been selected as a trip participant in the second annual Hibur
Leadership Delegation! This means that you'll have the privilege of
visiting the Technion for a subsidized, 10-day trip in late May to meet
fellow students on the other side of the ocean, and learn more about
science and technology in the State of Israel, in addition to attending
videoconference lectures given by leading scientists at both institutions
and establishing pen-pal relationships with your Israeli counterparts.
It'll also be a great opportunity to meet and interact with other students
at the Institute like yourself who are passionate about these same issues.

Tha'srite folks. Yon Jaggi is off to the Promised Land.

Wha...where...WHY... you ask?

The Technion, a.k.a. the Israel Institute of Technology,

is one of the premier academic institutions in Israel. Its stature is comparable to that of the IITs in India, and MIT (and Caltech, if only people knew about it :) in the US. It's also got some pretty sharp researchers, especially in my field of research. My office-mate, Gil, suggested I apply for the Hibur's Leadership Delegation. Essentially, it's a group that tries to foster MIT-Technion relationships.

Normally, I wouldn't qualify 'cos I'm not a student, but because of the special circumstances -- possiblities for academic collaboration, my being a non-Jew (which, lending diversity to the group, is actually a good thing), but most of all my demonstrable enthusiasm for utterly random stuff -- I'm off to Israel, boyos.

IIT, CIT, MIT, IIT -- hmm, I see a trend here...

This'll sound corny, but after reading all those Leon Uris novels (Exodus was a particular favourite) and Collins/Lapierre's O Jerusalem, this'll be quite a thrill...



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I haven't even read the entire post. I am so fucking jealous.

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