Wednesday, March 01, 2006

On how being a geek can save you from excessive radiation

What a week it's been thus far (and then some). As my office-mate Gil would say, Oy vey. But that's fodder for a later post... this one's a quickie.

My wisdom teeth starting acting up the day I defended my thesis (shows the fundamental inter-connectedness of everything). But my Pasadena dentist didn't seem very thorough, was a gold-digger, and worst of all, insulted my mommy. So I said adieu, and just grin and bore it until it all got better.

Except that they've started bugging me again. So I dropped by the dentist (the dentist here was extremely professional and personable, and to my pleasant surprise MIT Dental insurance is actually quite decent so it may not end up costing me an arm and a leg besides the wisdom I'd be glad to be rid of anyway).

Except, she wanted to get an X-ray done. Which I'd forgotten to dig out of my still unopened boxes of paperwork.

Except, being the geek I am, I'd actually scanned them in, with the vague thought of using them somehow on my webpage.

If I die a horrible death in a flaming wreck of a car-crash, you can now identify my remains via my teeth.


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bite your tongue

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