Thursday, March 02, 2006

Word coinage du jour


No, not as in the brilliant though depressing science fiction writer. As in, the meal you cook yourself when you're planning on working out of home that day since you woke up late and it's cold outside and they're predicting 12 inches of snow, and besides there's a deadline looming and you don't need the friends and distractions you've collected for yourself in your office area, and you'd like to eat something good but cook a bit too much, so you eat brunch, and save the leftovers for dinner.

I'm guessing that's not making it into the OED anytime soon.

Anyway, I just threw together the wilting veggies in the fridge with whatever spices seemed to go with them, and voila, my favourite dish, Le Cari Arbitraire de Jaggi.

I'll have to make sure this doesn't become a habit...

And here's my other apartment-mate, Chandler See, eating my curry,

while watching Tom and Jerry (no rhyme intended).

Just another day doing research/in grad school...


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