Monday, April 24, 2006


Confession -- one of my previous posts wasn't strictly true. Even when I was composing it, I felt mildly uneasy about the liberties I was taking with the truth; taking statements made by a person who was only the faintest zephyr of an acquaintance many years ago out of context to make for a funnier post.

Well, I got called on it. Literally. Turns out, on googlewhacking for this person's name, my blog entry was the only hit that came up. And this link was discovered by this person's mommy. Out of the blue, I got a phone call from the offended party (who'd looked up my cellphone number off the net), who in the sweetest possible manner asked me to remove the offending article.

And so I did (well, edited out all parts pertaining to this person).

Of course, none of this makes any sense to you. Which is as it should be.

Let this be a lesson to all of you funny-post-writers, you taking-liberties-with-the-truth-and-damn-the-worlders. The truth will come and bite you in the ass. Aided by Google.


Blogger t said...

that's the problem with writing so publicly and permanently, as on a blog:
i've been in knots over something i recently wrote that i think now to not be really true (but at the time i must have thought I thought - but likely just wished - it was.)
I suppose I'll annotate it soon as I better understand what the truth is in this matter. When I have a truer story.
i suppose the same in research, people should just give the dry truth, but narratives are more palatable, yet one hopes that the narratives are heavy on truth, less imaginative. and maybe that it's revealed what confidence once has in different parts of the story. but still it's important that the stories are dry, in the sense that they're useful jump-off points for building new truths, for fact-checking, blah blah blah.
not saying that you shouldn't sometimes write fiction...i guess just name it as such, set it "long time ago in a galaxy far far away..." lta gffa

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey sidharth,
just wanted to drop a line.
I was looking for TAPSites from my batch(96). I remember you as the goto guy for science and tech. Hope you are having a good time.
- siddharth chhikara

1:53 PM  
Blogger t said...

there's someone who knows how to spell "Siddharth" :)

What's new, thou great Traveller?

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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